welcome to sElect

sElect is an online voting system which guarantees that votes remain confidential while providing voters the possibility to verify that their votes were actually counted.

sElect is designed to be particularly simple and lightweight in terms of its structure, the user experience, and the cryptography employed.

Despite its simplicity, sElect enjoys a high level of privacy, verifiability, and accountability. It is meant to be used for low-risk elections. In particular, it is not meant for, e.g., national elections.

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main features

  • Human Verifiability

    When a voter casts a vote, a verification code is generated and/or chosen by the voter herself which she can later use to make sure that her vote was actually counted even if servers or voting devices are corrupted.

  • Fully Automated Verification

    As soon as a voter looks at the election result with her browser, an automatic check is performed by the voter's browser to make sure that the voter's choice is contained in the final tally. If this is not the case, cryptographic evidence is provided to rightfully blame misbehaving servers.

  • Post-quantum Cryptography

    Unlike other e-voting systems which provide verifiability, sElect employs public key encryption and digital signatures only. This eases the deployment of the system and also allows for using post-quantum cryptographic primitives.